Corfu Island Greece

Corfu Island

A complete travel guide for Corfu Island in Greece

Corfu island is a unique flower in the Ionian Sea. A completely different Greek island with a European character. Corfu island offers to visitors everything is necessary to make their stay unforgettable. The visitor's browsing starting from the town of Corfu, is a journey into history, in a city that has been declared as a world heritage monument by UNESCO.

Corfu Island Greece. A complete travel guide for Corfu Island in Greece

Corfu apart from a glorious past, is an island that has a present with an excellent tourist infrastructure, in a beautiful natural environment. Throughout the coastline of the island you will find beautiful beaches and locations with a lively nightlife, while you enjoy the paths to the Interior of the island between the evergreen mountains visit picturesque small villages. Enjoy your navigation in the web pages of!

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High quality hotels in Corfu

In Corfu island you will find hotels for every taste and affordability. There are too many hotels everywhere, in the historic town of Corfu, in the hinterland and in the coastal zone. There are also...Corfu island hotels

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Sightseeing attractions in Corfu Island

Corfu island is beautiful. An island of greenery with wonderful beaches, and charming inhabitants, is an ideal...Corfu island sites

Corfu Spianada Square

The huge square opposite the Old Fortress is one valuable remaining left by the French occupation in Corfu... Spianada Square

Corfu island liston

A stroll in the magnificent Old Town of Corfu starts from Liston and ends up at Liston. The numerous cafes and... Liston area

Corfu island Mon Repos

In Palaiopolis where remain the traces of the ancient town of Corfu (8th century BC) is located the green estate of Mon... Mon Repos

Corfu island Kanoni

Location of majestic beauty and one of the most popular sightseeings of Corfu is no other than the famous Kanoni... Corfu Kanoni

Corfu island Pontikonisi

An all green rock in the middle of the sea, is the trademark of Corfu. The famous Pontikonisi at the entrance of the lagoon... Pontikonisi

Corfu island Old Fortress

To the East of the Old town stands the first fortress of Corfu, the Old Fortress or Fortetsa (Fortezza)... Old Fortress

Corfu island New Fortress

The new fortress of Corfu (Fortezza Nuova), which dominates the hill of Saint Marco, was built by the...New Fortress

Temple of Saint Spyridon

The temple of Saint Spyridon, one of the most important post- byzantine monuments of the Corfu town...Saint Spyridon's temple

Historic moments from the long history of Corfu

Corfu island is a historical place. From the mythological references in the Odyssey for the island of Faiakia and then the founding of the colony of Corinth on the island of Corfu, its sure that there is a long ancient history...Corfu History

The excellent museums of Corfu

Corfu has great big and smaller museums, which together with the palaces of Mon Repos and Achillion, also monasteries and churches who are scattered throughout the island...Corfu island Museums